Blogger and avid traveler Ammon Cunningham visits a variety of locations throughout Utah and beyond, writing about destinations for others to enjoy. That includes Farmington’s Lagoon Amusement Park, just north of Salt Lake City. Privately owned and in operation since 1886, the park boasts ten rollercoasters including five entirely unique ones as well as an additional 43 rides for visitors to enjoy. Lagoon is split into five main areas, each distinct with attractions for individuals and families to enjoy.

At The Midway, Ammon Cunningham notes that guests can find most of the park’s rides plus various food vendors and carnival games. Venture over to Pioneer Village, however, for more historical play including artifacts and pioneer-esque buildings. For the young ones, children’s rides can be found at Kiddie Land. Lagoon’s water park is Lagoon-A-Beach. Extreme rides for the adventurous visitors are located at X-Venture Zone. And if planning a weekend trip — or longer — a full-service site for camping with an RV park, campground, walking trail and more is available year-round.

Although once built to accommodate bowling, dancing, music and restaurants for the area resort, Lagoon has blossomed into a full amusement park for Utah locals and travelers. Its oldest coaster, built in 1921 — called Roller Coaster — has been designated an American Coaster Enthusiasts Coaster Landmark, creating increased visitors among rollercoaster lovers. From Utah residents to those far and wide, this park is contains a little bit for everyone in the Salt Lake City region.